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FAI torpedo charts!!!???

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#1 Takxis



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Posted 09 December 2018 - 09:23 PM

Hi i am new, and cannot get my head around the torpedo charts. at first i thought that the filled circle used the left side (Standard) and the unfilled used the right (Long Range). however this fell apart as i looked at different nations the Italian has 2 range brackets on the STD side but the 3 &4 black circle has rolls in the bottom line.and the clear circle on the right which has a 3rd range line in Long Range does not have a roll in the bottom line. the Brits have a third range line in Standard but no black circle die rolls listed. the French are the most confusing, they have no clear circle torpedoes but have only one range band on the left but rows 2 and 3 have die rolls listed. i now have no idea how this works


#2 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 11 December 2018 - 09:25 AM

I don't play (or have) FAI, but I think it's the same as GQ3.3 (i.e. WWII).  The number in the circle is the number of tubes in the mount, and hence torpedoes in the spread (unless you play the optional rule that allows the player to fire spreads other than by whole mount.  BTW, I am a fairly experienced GQ player, and I only extremely rarely play that rule.  It is usually not worth it.).


The color of the circle indicates the size (diameter)/type of torpedo.  A white circle is the "standard".  In WWII this is most often a 21" torpedo.  I don't know for sure if it's the same in WWI/FAI, but I think so.  Black circles are smaller torpedoes, e.g. 18".  They typically have shorter ranges, and smaller warheads.  The former is shown on the Torpedo CRT, the latter (at least in GQ3.3/WWII) is a note to the Mine & Torpedo Damage Table - 1/2 Hull hits.  In GQ3.3/WWII, many IJN ship's torpedoes are red circles, indicating oxygen-fueled 24" Type 93 (AKA Long Lance) torpedoes.


The other aspect the Torpedo CRT shows is that one type of torpedo can have multiple speed/range settings.  Faster/shorter range, or slower/longer range.


The number, and color of the circle, from the ship log will indicate which column of the Torpedo CRT to use.  The range info on the sides of the Torpedo CRT indicate which torpedoes have multiple speed/range settings, and what they are.



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