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Napoleon escapes

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Posted 24 March 2019 - 08:53 PM

Forgot to take Pictures. But did play Post Captain today. https://www.odgw.com...ain-loose-leaf/

The scenario below:


After the humiliating defeat against the French and the capture of Mustapha Pasha by Murat the Kapudan Pasha ( Captain Pasha) Grand Admiral of the fleet vows to take revenge.

Good News, he has managed to send Captain Amit Erkan of the 74 gun Sayadi Bakir and her small fleet 44 gun Iskinderye, 16 gun Melenkay, and 16 gun Alemit-Poeray to inflict some damage on the French frigates in in Abukir Bay. Even Better news, it is said the French have left port headed back to France and none other than Napoleon himself is in one of the vessels. Orders are to kill or capture the upstart and avenge the fallen brothers of Abukir.


Glorious victory due to the heroics of Murat but even more so because of the Generalship of Napoleon himself. Less than 1000 French casualties to the Turks loss of over 8000 men! The Directorate is restless though having suffered losses of their own and Napoleon must return to make it aright as only Mon Little General can. He has ordered that Rear Admiral Ganteuame sail him back to France. They have embarked upon the Muiron 44 gun, Carrere 38 gun, and Revanche 40 gun to run the coast of Africa and get Napoleon home.


Little did the Turks know that Napoleon was hidden on the Muiron and her orders were to get him to France with all speed, hugging the African coast to avoid the British blockades. The French in line ahead with Muiron leading, followed by Carrere then Revanche headed out of the Abukir Bay. Easy sail was set as they eased their way out under the cover of the Abukir fort guns. Suddenly a flurry of flags went up and signaled the ships that Enemy were sighted. Orders were quickly given to set full sail to make a run for it.

The Turks were at Full sail and were making good time to cut off the French before they could make headway.  Their lust to kill or capture Napoleon brought them close to the Abukir Bay fort guns.  Fortunately, the French gunners were shooting at long range and had no luck hitting a ship hut were able to keep the Turks from cutting through the shallows to close the gap. 

With winds at Force 5 and wind blowing to the East all signs favored Napoleon and his getaway.  The Turks were not to be deterred though and the time it was taking the French to change sail sets from easy to full gave the Turks the time they needed to close in. 

The Sayadi Bakir decided the time was of the essence and lined up her broadsides taking her first shots into the Muiron.  Being Green Turk crew they fired on the down roll hoping to hit hull and sink their adversaries.  Several hits killing some French crew, marines, and lo and behold a Top Gallant Mizzen Mast was shot away.  Now that was Turkish shooting!    Muiron quickly moved away firing back and giving some of what she was given as the Sayadi Bakir too lost crewman.  Turks being not as well trained meant that they would take some time to reload those guns.  Again, giving needed time to the French to keep scurrying. 

The Revanche moved in and was able to set up a stern rake on the Melenkay.  It was devastating as both of the sloops masts fell and the decks ran with blood.  Melenkay quickly struck her colors.  Angered by the insolence the Sayadi Bakir and Alemit Poeray turn on the Revanche with anger in their eyes.  The Iskinderye was not fooled she continued to chase the Carrere and the Muiron. 

The Sayadi Bakir was able to bear her Starboard guns on the Revanche and shot away her entire foremast.  As it fell and dragged the Revanche’s speed to a crawl the Alemit Poeray moved in to fire her guns.  She was bow forward when the Revanche took a bow rake on her.  The Alemit Poeray had all her guns shot away, she was helpless!  Or was she?  The captain of the Alemit Poeray would not stand an infidel besting her and she set her vessel at full ramming speed.  The Revanche with her forward masts dragging her could not avoid the Alemit Poeray and with a loud boom they collided.  All of the Alemit Poeray’s masts fell, her hull was damaged badly, and she was fouled with the Revanche.  Revanche proceeded to have her marines fire into the top decks of the Alemit Poeray.  By now the Alemit Poeray was so badly injured that she could take no more and struck her colors as well.  The two sloops of the Turks were now struck.  Sadly for the Revanche she was fouled with a sinking ship and was unable to cut away as the 74 gun Sayadi Bakir approached.  The Sayadi Bakir was sure Napoleon was in the Revanche!

Further away, the Muiron gained even more distance from the Iskinderye as the Carrere exchanged broadsides with her.  Napoleon was in the Muiron and thanks to the efforts of the Revanche and the Carrere was able to escape and get Napoleon back to France.

The Turks captured the Revanche and the captain of the French frigate was to spend his last days in a Turkish Prison.  The Turks were unable to change the course of history and the Napoleonic Wars would commence as Napoleon returned to France the Hero of Egypt.




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