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Campaign Air Ops Withdrawal Intercept

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Posted 16 April 2020 - 12:56 PM

Doing a little solo play[test] on an Operation Cerberus mini-campaign I was working on, and I came upon a question WRT the Campaign Air Ops Withdrawal Intercept rule.  The rule text on page 4-6 seems straight forward enough: "Roll a D12 for each remaining (undamaged) CAP flight/element: 1 – 7 = intercept bomber flight • 8 – 10 = intercept escort flight • 11 – 12 = no contact."  (Probably should mention "non-Ammo Expended" flights/elements as well as undamaged, but that's OK.)  For CAP flights that intercept bombers, you use the "Firing Pass" mechanic on the Aerial CRT; for CAP flights that intercept escort flights, you use the Fighter Engagement table and then the "Dogfight" mechanic using the aircraft's ACE values on the Aerial CRT.


So here's my question: at the end of the Air Strike Sequence section of the Campaign Air Ops Chart 9I, after the last bullet which addresses Withdrawal Intercept, it says "ODD = 1 flight • EVEN = 2 flights".  What is that about?


Note: it appears the Withdrawal Intercept rule was added in Amendment 2, but Amendment 2 is no more illuminating (and it has the same "ODD = 1 flight • EVEN = 2 flights" text.




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