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torpedo launch sequence

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#1 admiral apollo

admiral apollo


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Posted 10 February 2023 - 05:03 PM

I’m reading the rules on how to launch torpedos and I understand that in the previous game turn my ship must be sailing straight, and I must plot my torpedo arcs in the plot phase. So my question is when in the movement can i launch torpedos?

My initial interpretation is that it is where the ship starts at in that game turn. however there is no line in the rules saying that they must launch at the beginning of the movement. The only limiting factor is the previous game move. So in that case could it be possible that a destroyer in one game turn to sail straight then the next game turn do a 16 point turn while launching torpedos at the end of that 16 point turn. Obviously that situation is unrealistic but in the rules there isn’t much saying I can not do that.

Any clarification would be extremely helpful, thank you for your time.

#2 Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin


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Posted 11 February 2023 - 11:20 AM

admiral apollo,


A ship must move a straight course in "...the later half of the preceding Game Turn...", not the entire turn.  See 1.4.5 Attack Plots, first bullet "Course".


Yes, the launch point is from where the ship is located at the beginning of the turn, or more specifically where it is in the Tactical Plot Phase (which are the same).  I guess it's not as explicit as it could be, but under the second bullet "Launch" under 1.4.5 Attack Plots, when it says "The attacking captain marks the launch point by placing a small Velcro strip or piece of tape alongside the launching vessel."  that does indicate the launch point is where the ship is at that point.


One other thing: since the passage of time in a turn is abstracted into different sections, it is for example possible in the game for a ship to be plotted to fire torpedoes out one side, then in it's Movement Phase turn in the same direction and end up in the arc of the torpedoes it just fired in the Torpedo Attack Phase.  In reality, this cannot happen (a circular run is a different story/situation), so my group at least does have a house rule that a ship cannot torpedo itself.



#3 admiral apollo

admiral apollo


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Posted 11 February 2023 - 03:41 PM

That is what i thought when I first read it but I guess I over thought it.

Thanks for your time dave.

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