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2nd Kolombangara

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#1 Thomas J Fitzgerald

Thomas J Fitzgerald


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Posted 06 August 2023 - 02:57 PM

This is a hypothetical action based on a Japanese sortie on 7/19/1943. In addition to delivering troops and supplies to Vila the Japanese added 3 heavy cruisers to the formation hoping to draw the USN into a surface action. Unfortunately for the Japanese after the "historical" battle of Kolombangara on the night of 7/13/1943 Admiral Halsey determined that sending cruiser squadrons up the slot was no longer worth the risk. In my Central Solomons campaign the US has not suffered the cruiser losses they did historically, so Halsey is sending them in one more time. 


Below is the scenario set up.


2nd Kolombangara 7/19/1943

Ref:        “Breaking the Bismarck’s Barrier” pg 206-207

                “Dark Waters Starry Skies” pg 344-346

Time: 2230-0700

WX: Squalls, light breeze with small waves = Force 3. 10K wind. Near full moon (use full on acq chart)


USN Forces                                                                                                         IJN Forces

Helena (flag) CruDiv 9                                                                                    Kumano (flag) 7th CruDiv

St. Louis                                                                                                               Suzuya

Leander                                                                                                               Chokai

Nicholas (flag) DesRon 21                                                                             Sendai (flag) 3rd DD Flot

O’Bannon                                                                                                            Yugure

Taylor                                                                                                                    Yukikaze

Jenkins                                                                                                                 Murasame

Radford                                                                                                                                Suzukaze

Farenholt (flag) DesRon 12                                                                          Minazuki (flag) Transport Group

Maury                                                                                                                   Mochizuki

Buchanan                                                                                                            Matsukaze



2x flights of TBF armed with H (200lb) bombs

6x flights of B-25s in 2 groups of 3 armed with M (500lb) bombs


USN Mission: Interdict enemy supply mission. Exit area prior to sunrise.

IJN Mission: Deliver 900 troops/Supplies to Vila. Engage any enemy surface force with cruisers. Transports must exit South edge within 3000 yrds of the West coast of Kolombangara.


Notes: Torpedo dud rate: USN = 1-3 (D12), IJN = 1 (d12). Buchanan and Farenholt limited to 30 kts due to engineering issues. Each turn if they move over 30 kts roll a D12, result of “1” = 2 Eng Crits, “2-4” = 1 Eng Crit.

Use Campaign Air Chart shift 1 column LEFT for night attacks. Attacks will be resolved as follows:

TBF: 22:30 each flight will randomly attack one of the 3 IJN groups (CruDiv, 3rd DD Flot, Transport). This will be a Glide Bomb attack

B-25: 0400 (Group 1) each flight may randomly attack one of the 3 IJN groups. This will be a Skip Bomb attack. The base chance for the flights locating and attacking is 25% + 5% additional for each turn past 10 in the surface action.

B-25: 0700 (Group 2) the group may randomly attack one of the 3 IJN groups. This will be a Skip Bomb attack. The base chance for the flights locating and attacking is 40% + 5% additional for each turn past 10 in the surface action.


IJN: D4 from NW corner, course 135-150, spd 25 kts. Formation determined by player.

USN: D6 along East edge, course 270, spd 25 kts, formation determined by player.

Position of Kolombangara determined by D6 roll off. Initial placement is center of south edge. Roll 1 D6 for USN and IJN. Subtract low roll from high roll the difference will move Kolombangara west if IJN is high, or East if USN is high. Movement is 3000 yrds per difference in rolls. (E.g. If the difference was 3 with the IJN being high, the move would be 9000 yrds West).





USN and IJN approach range over 30 Kyds. There are a couple squalls in the area. Northern tip of Kolombangara is on the right with lead ships of the USN formation entering from the far end, and IJN ships entering at lower left corner (marked by yellow D6). 


ZV98Idyt.jpg EOhcOp5t.jpg


Radar equipped PBY shadowing several groups of IJN ships heading for Kolombangara. Reported as 4 cruisers and 7 destroyers in 3 separate groups. 6 USMC in 2 flights are vectored to the area and make a glide bomb attack resulting in the loss of 1 flight and no hits observed. 


rsx568ot.jpg koTPbJbt.jpg Y68aCHPt.jpg


USN SG radar quickly paints the Japanese formations with CL Sendai and 4 x DDs leading some larger contacts by 3000 yards. IJN radar detectors indicate something is out there and give a bearing but at an unknown range. 





Both sides leading formations continue to close and visual acquisition is made between 12-16 kyds. The USN decides to hold fire as the majority of their ships with visually acquired targets are out of rapid-fire range. The IJN on the other hand start launching torpedoes with Sendai sending 2 spreads of 2 Type 90’s from the port tubes, and Yukikaze firing 4 Type 93’s toward the lead USN DD formation.




After an 8000+ yard run the trail DD USS Radford catches a torpedo sending her to the bottom.


A few minutes later Kumano launch 2 spreads of 3 and Murasame 2 spreads of 4 in the direction of the USN cruiser formation. Gun fire is now opened by both sides. USN concentrates on the closest IJN formation with Sendai, Yukikaze and Murasame getting the most attention. IJN fire predominately focus on USS Nicholas, but the IJN CA’s target the USS Helena the lead US CL. IJN fire was relatively ineffective, but the USN managed to inflict several telling hits on the Sendai formation. Most telling was a Bulkhead/flooding hit on Murasame.




Sendai group and the CA’s begin a starboard turn, while Suzukaze and Yugure put 8 more type 93’s in the water.


To be Continued...





#2 W. Clark

W. Clark

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Posted 06 August 2023 - 03:01 PM

Great AAR: I look forward to the rest.



#3 Thomas J Fitzgerald

Thomas J Fitzgerald


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Posted 06 August 2023 - 03:03 PM

Part 2


igFtS8vm.jpg LgohlNjm.jpg


At this time after an approximate 9600 yard run St. Louis gets walloped by a type 93 reducing her speed to 5kts (and takes an Engineering hit for good measure). HMNZS Leander due to her bow on aspect combs a spread. 


RlBKoAXm.jpg RlBKoAXm.jpg


Yugure and Suzukaze now feel the heat of the USN DDs and CLs. Multipe fires break out on Yugure and all armament is lost from 3 x 6” and 12 x 5” hits. Suzukaze takes 3 x 6” hits while progressive flooding continues on Murasame.

#4 Thomas J Fitzgerald

Thomas J Fitzgerald


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Posted 06 August 2023 - 03:19 PM

Part 3..As I trial and error how many images can go in a post.




The USN cruiser formation is thrown into disarray as St.Louis veers to starboard and rapidly decelerates. Helena for some unknown reason makes a hard port turn while Leander gradually turns to starboard to evade more torpedoes. Helenas turn puts here into the path of another IJN torpedo spread and she pays the price taking a type 93 in the starboard side reducing her speed to 14 kts and knocking a rear turret OOA.


ci2HRfpm.jpg Vjtwqf0m.jpg


DesRon 21 seemed determined to close to boarding range and some expert (or lucky) maneuvering had to be done to avoid collisions with the Sendai formation. This left the Sendai formation and DesRon 21 with in point blank range of each other and from 4000 yards or less they blasted away at each other.




USS Nicholas took the brunt of the fire while both the USN and IJN got off more torpedoes. (USN fired 20 fish while the IJN just 4 more to the water)


s7JwnIBm.jpg PkN8oB8m.jpg


The US torpedoes all missed their intended Sendai formation targets, but near the ens of their run managed to find a home for one of them in the port side of the Chokai. It was an extreme bow hit causing minimal hull damage but took a forward 8” turret OOA.


Meanwhile Suzuya launched 6 more torpedoes at DesRon 21 which to turn got 20 more fish away at the Sendai formation. Unfortunately for both side all these torpedoes missed due to either bad aiming or well-timed maneuvers.




Yugure finally succumbed to progressive fire damage. Both sides did their best to disengage. The IJN transport DDs took a few parting shots as they exited the south edge at their designated point off the Kolombangara coast (the ear drums of those troops on deck be damned).




Attempting to disengage. 




The St Louis and Farenholt received some additional excitement as they moved through a couple IJN torpedo spreads nearing the end of their runs.

Finally, after disengaging one of the US B-25 groups managed to locate and attack the IJN CA’s at 0700 resulting in some additional damage to Chokai and Kumano

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#5 Kenny Noe

Kenny Noe

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Posted 07 August 2023 - 05:54 AM

Wow!  That was exciting!!   Well done AAR.   More please?  



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