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Just in time for Christmas

We are pleased to announce the Cherry Tree Supplement is now ready for download free to all registered General Quarters Third Edition owners

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The powerful super dreadnought designs scrapped by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 have long fascinated most of us. Now, Chris Cafiero has provided the means for you to explore how these Cherry Trees might have impacted history if they had not been chopped down.

IJN: battlecruiser Amagi * battleships Kii and Owari * battleship Tosa
USN: Constellation & Constitution * BB47 Washington * BB49 South Dakota
Royal Navy: G3 class battlecruisers * HMS Anson, sister to HMS Hood

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Chris first sets the stage with informative articles on the Japanese “8 – 8 Plan" and how a delayed, re-negotiated Washington Treaty could have resulted in agreements to complete additional ships. Then, Sudden Storm provides the perfect laboratory for exploring how the Cherry Trees would have fared in naval combat. New options provide two implementation levels along with “what if" scenarios for clashes between the Royal Navy and the IJN or the USN.

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Cherry Tree Ship Logs are provided for three periods: 1925 as built, 1937 refits and 1942 WW II upgrades so you can add them to games in multiple decades.

Download and Enjoy!

Happy Holidays from ODGW

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