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Mein Panzer AIW now Available

It's finally here!!

The PDF and Loose leaf versions of Mein Panzer: Arab / Israeli Databook vol. 1 (1948 - 1956) are now available.
Welcome to the sixth major databook for the MEIN PANZER™ Core Rule System ... The Arab / Israeli Wars Databook vol. 1 1948 - 1956. Covering two separate wars, six nationalities in 1948 and four nationalities in 1956. Inside you will find a wide variety of entries for equipment, TO&E, troop types, and special rules for two clashes of Nations that shook the world.

Conflict and country biographies hopefully will help the gamer better understand the long-standing fight over this seeming small geographical area. As a MEIN PANZER™ player, there are equipment, aircraft, ordnance, naval, small arms and (new) Aircraft Loadout and Missile tables. These new tables will help set the stage for more modern equipment as we strive to bring them to you. A vast breath of items from WWI artillery to the 1950s era Centurion and M47 Patton tanks. Included are Jets!! Gloster Meteor, de Havilland Vampires, Canberra Bombers, MiG-15 and Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVA.

In addition to exhaustive equipment resources, the Arab / Israeli Wars Databook vol. 1 1948 – 1956 also includes a large selection of TO&E (Table of Organization & Equipment).

MEIN PANZER™ is a flexible and expandable 1:1 rule system for recreating 20th and 21st Century combined arms ground warfare from World War I up through Iraq War and beyond. Designed for use with miniature scales up to 15mm, it is based around our innovative Drop-In™ system. Players from novice to veteran will find it easy to customize the game to their particular gaming style.

A copy of the MEIN PANZER™ Core Rule System is needed to fully utilize the contents of this publication. However, with few adjustments, the data and scenarios can be enjoyed using almost any rule system on the market today.

Troop Type Table for each combatant force detailing quality levels of troops are key in the game. The better trained your troops the greater the chance for success in your mission.

The PDF and Loose Leaf versions of Mein Panzer AIW Databook vol. 1 (1948 - 1956) are now available. If you've already purchased and registered your Loose Leaf copy, you already have access. Simply head over to the Private Access Library and download your copy.

If you've purchased a Loose Leaf copy of the book but haven't registered it, head on over to our Product Registration page to register your copy today. Once the registration has been processed, you will have access to the PDF version found in the Private Access Library.

Don't have a copy yet? That's easily fixed! Head on over to your favorite book seller or our ODGW Online Store to grab your copy.

MP AIW Databook vol. 1 (1948 - 1956) - Loose Leaf
MP AIW Databook vol. 1 (1948 - 1956) - Digital Download


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