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ImageHistorical Battlelines™ is a complete regimental and battalion level rules system covering all horse and shot wars. This includes conflicts between 1600 thru late 1800's. To include major wars like the Napoleonic, American Civil War, English Civil War, and 7 Year War.

Historical Battlines™ mechanics are based on those developed for the American Battlines™ rule system. There have been few minor changes to improve playability from the original rules, however the mechanics are the same. In Historical Battlelines™ a unit’s effectiveness is based upon three criteria. These include Morale, Disorder and Ammunition Levels. And with nothing more than a few counters, this simple and exciting system mirrors the unpredictability that was found on the actual field of battle. Historical Battlelines TM also includes representative examples of troop and weapon statistics for several periods of conflicts.

Based around the innovative Drop-In™ Game System, Historical Battlelines™ is built on a solid and easily learned core set of rules. This player-friendly approach provides the perfect balance between historical accuracy and playability while at the same time allowing players to grow into the game at their own pace. Utilizing the same terms and game mechanics, the addition of the new Drop-Ins is accomplished without the need to learn a whole new set of rules. Within you will find Drop-Ins™ for command and control, morale, artillery (including counter battery), structures and fortifications, cavalry, skirmishing, unusual weapons and more!

Designed to work with miniatures sizes 6mm and up, there is nothing else required to play in literally any figure scale. And, with a very flexible basing system, there is no need to re-base figures from existing collections.

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