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      08 Feb

    Hello I have accidently ordered FAI twice when my latest purchase should have been Post Captain. Can you assist me Richard

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Post Captain Scenarios - Wave 2

Announcing the next wave of scenarios for Post Captain!!
Available NOW to all registered Post Captain Gamers. Free to download in the Post Captain library on ODGW web site.

Wave 2 Scenarios!!
Good day Captains!!

Wave 2 scenarios for Post Captain have been posted and ready for download. Wave 2 also includes an update for Ship Cards - Single Ship Actions. Ship Cards - Single Ship Actions R3 adds another worksheet for new scenarios to the existing worksheet for previously uploaded scenarios 1 - 4. This will reduce the number of files needed.

Post Captain Wave 2 includes:
  • Ship Cards - Single Ship Action R3
  • Single Ship Actions - Scenario 5 - United States vs Macedonian
  • Single Ship Actions - Scenario 6 - Cleopatra vs Nymphe
  • Single Ship Actions - Scenario 7 - Amelia vs Arethuse
  • Single Ship Actions - Scenario 8 - Hornet vs Penguin
  • Ship Cards - Cutting Out Actions
  • Cutting Out Actions - Scenario 1 - Defence in the most heroic and skillful manner
  • Cutting Out Actions - Scenario 2 - Spanish Hook
  • Cutting Out Actions - Scenario 3 - The Retaking of Hermione
Post Caption Wave 2 Scenario files are free downloads for Post Captain owners. Click HERE to download your copy today!


Fair Winds and Following Seas


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