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Mein Panzer AIW now Available
Jul 18 2023  It's finally here!!

The PDF and Loose leaf versions of Mein Panzer: Arab / Israeli Databook vol. 1 (1948 - 1956) are now available.

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General Quarters III 16 articles

Is Post Captain just GQ 3 with sails?!?
Aug 19 2015  First, to clear up some misconceptions. Post Captain (or PC) is NOT GQ3.3 with sails. While the rules, logs and charts are similar in format (and it does use GQ3.3’s D12s), the mechanics are generally not (the gunnery system is vaguely similar, but not directly so). Obviously, the game mechanics used for WWI and WWII don't translate to AoS! To use the family analogy, if General Quarters 3.3 and Fleet Action Imminent are siblings, then Post Captain is the third cousin, twice removed (PC gets invited over for Thanksgiving and Christmas and not much else!).

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HB Group Activation
Mar 19 2011  Currently, it is not possible to have the general charges and movements across battlefields that characterized certain moments in famous battles, e.g., Gettysburg, Waterloo, etc. This hou...

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