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ODGW announces the North Sea Campaign book

Old Dominion GameWorks is proud to announce the latest book to be published in the General Quarters Decision at Seas Series.
This campaign game, focusing on the early war, offers players a chance to fight out a series ofactions that helped shape the campaign, and that offered the possibility of a major fleet action.

Players will face both strategic and tactical decisions with the fog of war (sometimes literally on the North Sea) may confer advantages or devastating disadvantages.

The campaign is compatible with virtually any miniatures rule set. The strategic decision model provides replayabililty as no two campaigns will be the same, especially combined with a wide variation in possible tactical encounters. And there is always the possibility that control of the North Sea will come down to one afternoon.

The North Sea Campaign is now available from the ODGW Storefront.
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Just to be sure everyone knows this is a WWI campaign game.

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