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Product Registration Instructions


The previous product registration method has not been converted at this time.  Until we are able to port the product registration application to the new software, we are implementing an interim solution.  Please follow the instructions listed below to register your products.  You should receive an email within 24 hours (usually) regarding your product registration & Private Download Library.


  1. Use the template below to email product registration(s).
  2. Copy/Paste the template & enter product information.
  3. Email the requested information to registrations@odgw.com (Subject Line: ODGW Product Registration).

Email Template:


  • Your Name: 
  • Product Serial Number:
  • Name of Purchased Product: 
  • Where Purchased: 
  • Purchase Date:


Product List:

The Solomons Campaign Loose Leaf
The Solomons Campaign Saddle-Stitched
General Quarters Loose Leaf
General Quarters Perfect Bound
Fleet Action Imminent Loose Leaf
Fleet Action Imminent Perfect Bound
Mein Panzer Core Rules
Mein Panzer SCW Data Book
Mein Panzer WWI Data Book
Mein Panzer WWII Data Book
Mein Panzer WWII Secret Weapons
Mein Panzer Scenario Pack #2
Mein Panzer Scenario Pack #3
Mein Panzer BattleCard Deck #1
American BattleLines
BattleLines Scenario Pack #1
BattleLines BattleCards #1


It may take up to 24 hours to grant access to our Private Download Library.

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