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Blog Feature added to ODGW Website

Posted by Tu Tran , 04 June 2011 · 2,031 views

ODGW Blogs
ODGW has added blogs to our website!!

Want to blog about your games, terrain making, or just want a place to share your thoughts? Create a blog here with ODGW!

Blog as a group1
Game with a group of friend or part of a gaming clug? With all the features of an individual blog, group blogging lets multiple members share their view in a single place.

Content Blocks for added functionality
Each blog owner can add special content blocks to their blog, and rearrange them using a simple drag'n'drop interface. Content blocks add new features to a blog, such as calendars, or recent comments.

Customize blogs
Every blog can be different! Members can customize their own blog in a number of ways to make it unique.

CSS Theming
Change the look of a blog by installing CSS themes for members to pick from, or even let them enter their own CSS styles for a truly unique style.

Custom Headers
Members can personalize their blog by choosing a header style, and specifying the text that is displayed within it.

External Blogs & RSS Entry Import
Already have a blog? No worries, the blog can be added to the ODGW community as an external blog, and even automatically import the blog entries using the RSS entry importing feature.

Please start your blog today. We look forward to your blogs!!

1 Groups blogs available upon request.

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