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The Fleet Action Imminent (General Quarters World War One) loose leaf product integrates with the ODGW support policy. Each copy comes with its own unique registration serial number, which players use to gain access to private access are on the ODGW website. Within this area you will find EVERYTHING included in the published product. Need an extra Weather chart? No problem, download it and print it out! In addition to having access to everything in the published product, you also get many bonus items as well.

But more importantly, ODGW supports all its publications with free updates. If we update or add something to the rules, you just download it, print it, toss out the old pages, and insert the new ... and, voilà , the most current version of the rules.


In addition to the above, our loose leaf format is designed to seamlessly integrate both future publications and website downloads into one rules binder. No need to keep track of stacks of paper, multiple books, etc ... it all fits together into one binder, growing effortlessly as you need it to.


This highly expandable game includes the following: National tables for gunnery, damage, detection, and morale. Surface combat rules rewritten and streamlined for the Great War. Special fleet action rules for large WW1 battles with lots of DDs! A new fleet action torpedo system for faster and easier resolution. Color ship logs enhance the layouts of more than 500 WW1 ships. New ship and airship turn indicators measured in compass points. Coal smoke, minefields, night actions, signals, shore batteries, and airship rules for zeppelins, blimps, and 1920/1930s US dirigibles. And color ready to use airship logs.

NOTICE: Access to the Private Access Library is usually provided within 24 hours.


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