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Williamsburg Muster 2012

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Title: Paw of the Tiger
GM: Tu Tran and Old Dominion GameWorks
Length: 4 hrs, 6 players
Sponsored by: Old Dominion GameWorks
Scale: WWII 12mm
Rules: Mein Panzer Core Rules

Throughout the winter of '42-'43, the Soviets launched repeated attacks to relieve the siege of Leningrad. The hard pressed Germans had to develop a trip wire defense of light local forces, backed by a "fire brigade" mobile force, which was quickly dispatched to the inevitable breakthrough sector. Such a fire brigade was the 1st Company, SS Panzer Battalion 502, with ace tanker Captain Hans Bolter, who was called upon to a halt a major Russian incursion by a full battalion of the 122nd Guards Tank Brigade.
Rules Taught/Beginners Welcome.

Title: Mein Panzer Jr.
GM: Guy Gormely Jr. and Old Dominion GameWorks
Length: 4 hrs, 6 players
Sponsored by: Old Dominion GameWorks
Scale: WWII 15mm
Rules: Mein Panzer Jr. Rules

Come play and learn Mein Panzer Jr.!!  Great game for kids 6 years old and up!!  This is a kids version of our popular Mein Panzer Core Rules system that is a tank skirmish level game.  One tank represents one tank!!  Mein Panzer Jr. will teach the basic game mechanics of Mein Panzer so once you get to hang of MP Jr. you can move up to the full complement of rules and excitement.
Rules Taught/Beginners Most Welcome.

Title: Battle of the Barents Sea
GM: Bob Benge and Old Dominion GameWorks
Length: 6 Players, 4 hours
Sponsor: Old Dominion GameWorks
Scale: WWII  1/2400th
Rules: General Quarters III

Dec 31, 1942, Operation Regenbogen (Rainbow) the interception of convoys to Russia. The German fleet attempts to intercept Convoy JW51-B bound for Murmansk with supplies vital to the Russian Army. Can the Germans stop this vital convoy or will Soviets receive the vital help it needs to halt the German juggernaut in the east.
Rules Taught/Beginners Welcome.

Title: Operation Kadesh - Battle of Abu Ageila Oct 30th 1956
GM: Kenny Noe
Length: 4 hrs, 6 players
Sponsor: Old Dominion GameWorks
Scale: Modern 12mm
Rules: Mein Panzer Core Rules

Elements of the Israeli 52nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion and attached Tank Company B from the 82nd Armored Battalion pressed their attack from Qusaymah,to Abu Ageila.  Their initial success was blunted by stubborn resistance from the Egyptian 6th Infantry Brigade who was well dug in and supported with Archers and artillery.  Colonel Uri Ben-Ari was forced to regroup and attempt a new attack against the well fortified Abu Ageila. Come fight in the sandy, hot, and desolate environment that is the Sinia! Play the Israeli command, take this important stronghold and continue westward to the ultimate goal – the Sinai Canal!  Or play the defending Egyptian command and teach the infidel invaders a lesson, destroy their puny invasion and save the Sinai for Egypt and the glory of Mohamad!!
Rules Taught/Beginners Welcome.

Williamsburg Muster


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