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ODGW @ the Williamsburg Muster 2012

Posted by Kenny Noe , 04 February 2012 · 1,569 views

Hello all,

This weekend ODGW has traveled to Historic Williamsburg VA to attend the Williamsburg Muster 2012!!

We are having a good time and the con staff once again has out done themselves and put on a great convention!! Check out the pictures in the Gallery!! http://www.odgw.com/...x.php?/gallery/

More to come!

We have had a great con!! Bob's ship game was a fun time! The German pocket battleship Lutzow suffered catastrophic torpedo hits and was SUNK!! The German Cruiser Adm Hipper was tearing into the British destroyers but the victory went to the British.

Kenny ran a 1956 Arab Israeli game, Battle of Abu Agelia! The Israelis attempted a flanking sweep that was stalled under extremely good artillery fire from the Egyptians. The Israeli mortar battery caused concern when an SU-100 was destroyed. The Israeli Meteor jets had air superiority as the Egyptian AAMG were largely ineffective. The game was called with the Egyptians having the upper hand but the Israeli's had a second wave of Tanks and infantry moving across the open country on the way to the objective. Fun Game!!

Tu had a full WWII MP game! One player (Lil Guy) was killing Tiger Tanks with T70 Russian tanks!! This kid's die roll is unbelievable!! Russians look to have the upper hand with more vehicles than the Germans left!

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