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Cold Wars 2012

Posted by Kenny Noe , 07 March 2012 · 3,843 views

Ok, so I submitted a News Story on TMP about us and the Cold Wars convention. And asked folks to follow the blog... So guess I should start writing it.

ODGW attends most of not all HMGS conventions. Mainly because we want to support our games but also because they are within driving distance and we like the weekend out! Whoot! This time up is Cold Wars 2012 (coldwars.org)

Tuesday (-3 days..)
I'm still prepping a few of my forces. I have a little touch up and dull coating of some vehicles to finish plus the usual gather paperwork. Am looking forward to getting away for the weekend with the guys and gaming!!

Wednesday (-2 days)
Ok so I finished my Shermans, jeeps and 25pdr arty. I've posted a picture in the gallery if your interested. I will be posting all pictures there as I take them this weekend. Forces are done tonight I've got to print out some paperwork and pack. Don will be coming over we'll pack Company stuff plus our stuff..

Thursday (-1 days)
Pictures posted!! Well one picture, but I promise more...
Picture Gallery

Friday (0 Day)
We're here!! We have had a good day! Bob ran his Mein Panzer Jr. game "Wargaming 101 - a kids game" with 4 kids and 2 adults. All had a great time. I'll be posting pictures later tonight.

We have a Fleet Action Imminent (FAI) game running now - "Clash of the Battle Cruisers".

The convention seems to have a good turnout for today (Friday). There are many games running (see pictures) and the Dealer Hall is busy. My initial talks with vendors report busy day. There are big hopes for Saturday.

Sunday (3 Day)
Well it's Sunday and I'm home. The wifi connection in the game room where we were was non existent! We even had troubles getting cell calls. So my plans to post every day was spoiled! Oy what a mess. We had 6 games running all day and it was a blast! I've posted pics in the gallery. Details here

Our games were well received and we had great comments. Thanks to all for playing in our games and stopping by to say hello!

We'll do this again for Historicon. Thanks

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