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Age of Sail Clear Acrylic Ship Bases are here!

Announcing new Age of Sail clear acrylic ship bases with etched wakes...

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ODGW is pleased to announce new additions to our line of clear acrylic ship bases. These bases are designed with a different wake pattern more inline with a ship underway with wind power rather than mechanical power.
There will be FOUR new bases added to accomodate Sloops, Cutters, up to Man of Wars. The bases are sized 4" x 1.5", 4" x 1.25", 2.5" x 1", and 2" x 1".

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ODGW is launching a new series of age of sail bases to add to their inexpensive ready-to-use clear acrylic ship bases. These are available in a variety of sizes for sailing miniatures designed by Jim O’Neil. Ship bases are particularly important for sailing miniatures as they tend to be unstable with their tall, proportionally heavy pewter masts and sails. In addition, bases protect miniatures from getting too close together and damaging projecting yards and bowsprits.

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The ODGW bases are clear, so they blend in with what ever gaming surface being used and each features etched bow waves and wakes. Corners are rounded to avoid snagging miniatures on the gaming surface during movement. Simply glue the completed miniature on the base and you’re ready to go. Add a small paper rectangle with the vessel’s name or code in the wake to aid identity. No need to paint the sea surface or dry brush the foam. What could be easier? Spend your valuable time detailing your ships, not finishing bases.

Available now to order from our on line store.

For more information and to see previous News articles go to: http://www.odgw.com/index.html].

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