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Post Captain Squadron Action Scenarios

Announcing the next wave of scenarios for Post Captain!!
Available NOW to all registered Post Captain Gamers. Free to download in the Post Captain library on ODGW web site.

Squadron Actions!!
Four squadron actions spotlight a variety of multi-ship tactical situations both historically and hypothetically.
  • Scenario 1 - the 1811 Battle of Tamatave
  • Scenario 2 - the 1799 Macau Incident in the Indian Ocean
  • Scenario 3 - 1814 Action off Montauk which pits British and American frigates in a pre-arranged duel between equals
  • Scneario 4 - the intriguing Action of 25 September 1806 which matches three French frigates against two British ships of the line in heavy weather – surprisingly more balanced than expected when high seas prevent the British from using their lower deck guns.
And don't forget the Squadron Scenario Ship Cards.

Down load them now and start your ship actions tonight!

Fair Winds and Following Seas
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Robert Bishop
Dec 18 2015 01:23 AM

So, I've looked around on this website now for about 20 minutes….. can't find the "Post Captain Library". Would be nice if there was a link in the announcement to the actual location.

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Martin Gallo
Feb 06 2016 05:21 PM

The section is located under GQ3. Odd, but true.

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