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Sudden Storm

Sudden Storm is a fast moving campaign of the 1937 naval war between Japan and the US recreating the full range of surface, air and submarine warfare in both operational and tactical operations. It enables you to explore the challenges admirals on both sides would have faced if the US and Japan had ended up at war in August 1937, during the "China Incident," rather than in December 1941. A multitude of different potential strategies makes for maximum replayability with new challenges every time. Sudden Storm is the second offering the ODGW's "GQ III Decisions at Sea" series of naval campaigns. It employs an innovative campaign decision tree system that enables players to quickly assign forces and determine contacts in contested areas without the drudgery of plotting movement. This system has been evolved from the earlier TSC to encompass multiple theaters along with a broader range of missions, intelligence, repair, weather and other aspects of the campaign. A new, fast-resolution ground combat system has been added for resolving combat on diverse land objectives at campaign level.

Resulting tactical naval engagements can be fought out with any naval rules, but the campaign seamlessly interfaces with GQ III (purchased separately). In addition to background features describing the road to war, campaign level charts, OBs and campaign map; Sudden Storm contains all new color GQ III 1930s combat charts, 240 Ship Logs and 32 aircraft Formation Cards - everything needed for tactical resolution. A sheet of full-color 1937 aircraft counters on card stock is also included for those who want to resolve tactical aircraft operations, but might lack the requisite miniatures.

Sudden Storm is not just another retread of Plan Orange or WW II. Politically and geographically, it presents a very different situation from either one with only two combatants confronting each other in a world defined by 1930s technologies while everyone else is determined to remain neutral. Geography, logistics and neutral zones provide gamers with tough command and operational challenges. Naval warfare is also very different in that era. Aircraft have an important role, but lack the reach and striking power another five years will bring. Surface naval forces remain the key to controlling the seas. The IJN and USN are briefly and uniquely balanced in strength at this one moment in time. Most of the modern IJN and USN ships employed in 1942 are already available, but in different, 1937 configurations. In addition, there are no magnetic torpedo exploder problems, radar or Type 93 "Long Lance" (sic) torpedoes available yet. All this creates an ideal environment for a wide range of classic naval battles.

Sudden Storm also includes download access to 150 pages of Bonus Files. These include eight options, additional forces and Ship Logs, Coastal Defense Cards and maps of the defenses of Manila and Truk, individual carrier and airfield Flight Logs, separate full-color aircraft counters for the flights of each carrier and land based squadron featuring the unique color schemes of the times along with supplemental data on the forces and other aspects of this forgotten era. The files also provide opportunities to explore forgotten technologies like LTA dirigibles and the US flight deck cruiser.

Sudden Storm offers you a window into the fascinating colorful, forgotten world of the late '30s filled with tough command challenges and classic naval battles.


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