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HB Group Activation

Currently, it is not possible to have the general charges and movements across battlefields that characterized certain moments in famous battles, e.g., Gettysburg, Waterloo, etc. This house rule would allow units to activate together to recreate these famous moments.

If you have two or more units within command distance of each other, and in unit command, they may activate together, placing their ACTIVATED counters at the same time. They activate simultaneously as if they are one unit, with all the restrictions on how individual stands are activated according to the Sequence of Play. Any Morale and Recovery checks are rolled separately for each unit, i.e., if two units require Morale checks, they would each roll – once for each marker – then move together. Each unit requires an ACTIVATED marker to activate.

Note: this does not apply to other players’ units on the same side. You can only group activate units under your own command.


You can do this by brigading 2 units to gether.
Please note, to play such charges with our rules you would want to start with units already brigaded.
You may find it hard to do some battles.
Waterloo would be a nightmare. large table, and lot of figures.

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