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Does General Quarters work for the interwar per...

Jul 29 2015 06:27 PM | Kenny Noe in GQ3 Articles

Question posted at ODGW.com from Naval gamer.

“I am interested in war gaming the pacific theater from War Plan Orange in the 1920 through WW2. I have the following questions:

1. General Quarters 3.3: Does it contain enough ship data to play the US and Japan through this time period?
2. Does the Sudden Storm supplement contain the ship logs needed for that conflict, or is it just a campaign game with scenarios?
3. To model a USN - IJN conflict in the mid 1920's would I need Fleet Action Imminent?


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Introduction to Fleet Action Imminent

Dec 12 2007 03:54 PM | ODGW News in GQ3 Articles

Welcome aboard again, shipmates. This time we navigate World War One waters, a fascinating voyage through the early Twentieth Century era ruled by the big gun battleship. It also saw the emergence of aerial and submarine weapons that would come to domi...

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