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Post Captain Bonus Ship Files...

Ahoy Mates... A soon to be released Age of Sail table top wargame for swashbuckler Captains waiting for their ships to set sail....

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The new POST CAPTAIN 1793 – 1815 age of sail addition to the GENERAL QUARTER’S fleet will be accompanied by more than 75 pages of FREE Bonus files. These will be available to folks who have purchased and registered their game on www.odgw.com. (Registration is free!)
These FREE files are provided to support, enhance, and expand the gamer age of sail gaming experience.

These include scenarios to get started and Movement Gauges for 1:1000, 1:2000 and 1:3000 for those who use these popular age of sail miniatures to complement the 1:1200 and 1:2400 Gauges provided in POST CAPTAIN.

More than 40 additional ready-to-use color Ship Cards will feature 4th rates and converted East Indiamen along with Cards for significant armament variations and some Cards by ship class. These will have the names of the ships in the class listed on the reverse of the card, so all a gamer has to do is select a name and write it on the front of the Ship Card to prepare it for action.

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There are also Shore Battery Cards and Shore Logs to download for tracking the status of shore batteries and land units, militia and field artillery batteries. In addition, there are Excel files for gamers to create their own Ship Cards, Gunboat Cards and Shore Battery Cards, by copying the appropriate symbology on blank masters. These are supported by Design files showing how hull and crew capacities are derived.

For the gamer who doesn’t yet have a comprehensive selection of age of sail miniatures, there are land unit counters, shore battery counters and ship counters to download. These can be printed on cardstock to get started and used temporarily until his miniatures are ready.

POST CAPTAIN bonus files; another way to enhance the age of sail gaming experience.

Thanks for reading...

For more information and to see previous Post Captain News articles go to: ODGW News.

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Will this be for sale online July 16th as I heard it would be sold at Historicon too?

Both - Online and at Historicon.


Thanks for the comment

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