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Post Captain - Shore Raiders

Ahoy Mates... An Age of Sail table top wargame for swashbuckler Captains waiting for their ships to set sail....

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This is the last teaser for Post Captain. It WILL be available for purchase at

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Also available at the ODGW Store starting July 16th!
There’s more to this great table top Age of Sail game than ship duels and squadron engagements.

When the mighty French and Spanish ships of the line languished in harbor due to the remorseless British blockade, sailors sought additional ways to come to grips with their opponents. Cutting out expeditions and shore raids became an important means of projecting sea power ashore and major challenges in a naval officer’s career. POST CAPTAIN provides extensive coverage of these complex but intriguing joint operations. Multi-page rule sections are devoted to cutting out expeditions from planning and set-up to shore defenses and log barriers along with challenge and deception, mustering the defenses, mortars and shore bombardment, detailed boat and gunboat operations, boarding and securing prizes and even destroying other objectives.

Part 3 Shore Raids adds a land combat system for more extensive attacks resulting in clashes between units ashore. These are not the traditional grand Napoleonic battles between armies but small, limited raids to destroy signal stations and supply caches or capture a shore battery or fort. The rules are focused especially for the naval gamer on the tactical details of skirmishes between individual infantry companies, militia, shore parties, skirmishers and field artillery batteries resulting from shore raids. And for those who don’t have access to an extensive set of Napoleonic figures to augment their ships, cardstock counters of land units are available for download by registered purchasers from Bonus Files on the ODGW website.

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Ship duels, squadron actions, cutting out expeditions and shore raids. POST CAPTAIN enables you to experience the full gambit of naval combat in 1793 – 1815.

Thanks for reading...

For more information and to see previous Post Captain News articles go to: ODGW News.

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